Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1000 Things I'm Thankful For! :)

I'm really trying to keep this list up! ;)

140. March Break! (As in, TEN FULL DAYS off school! ;P)
141. Sleepovers.
142. Seeing an old friend I haven't seen in forever.
143. Watching the CCAA basketball championship games, the tourney rarely comes to our province, let alone town.
144. Underdog wins!
145. NCAA March Madness, I don't really follow it, but when it's going on, there's always basketball on TV. :P
147. Staying up til 2am.
149. Ref-ing my first basketball game. :P
150. House league basketball.
151. Playing point-guard.
152. Winning my public speaking contest, on to the next round! :)
153. Being able to spread awareness of global poverty.
154. TV with the fam. :)
155. Amongst the disaster in Japan, seeing the glimmers hope.
156. My devotional. (Pure by Rebecca St. James <--check it out!)
157. The NHL is taking steps (even if they're *baby* steps...) to take head-shots out of the game.
158. Chord charts.
159. Pictures of our Compassion kids.
160. Leafs... 5 points out of the playoffs...?! I think so. :)
161. Laughs... and more laughs.
162. The basketball net in my driveway. :)
163. Learning to play flute.
164. Practicing piano, then impressing(-ish... :P) my piano teacher! :P
165. The frozen yogurt place at the mall. :)


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