Saturday, March 12, 2011

My March Break Read...

Okay, fine. So it can't really be a March Break read if I read it on the weekend before March Break in a matter of 24 hours. It didn't take me 24 hours to read the book, but i gotta sleep and grocery shop. So it took me about 3.5 hours...

"Save the Date" by Jenny B. Jones is... Legit. That's not a very English-class approved word, but ask my friends and brother: "legit" is the biggest complement I can give something. So, this book is legit.

You'll get everything from this book: romance, humour, faith, tug-at-your-heartstrings, and even a little mysterious edge. Jenny B. Jones is really good at mixing genres. (Side note: also check out her "Charmed Life" series, even MORE mixing of genres, it's amazing.)

You'll start grinning even before you dig into Jenny's sense of humour, just by reading the plot line. The plot of this story is so bizarre and funny, I loved it:

Lucy Wiltshire runs a non-profit organization called Saving Grace. Saving Grace is transitional housing for girls who've aged out of the foster care system, and are now homeless. This is what Lucy was put on this earth to do. So, imagine her problems when a major donor backs out, and she's about to lose everything. Enter Alex Sinclair, retired early from the NFL and now running for Congress. But he's got a problem too: he doesn't have half the votes he needs.

Alex has the money Lucy needs, and Lucy - well, a relationship with Lucy - surprisingly seems to have the votes Alex needs. So despite their mutual dislike, Alex makes Lucy an "offer." Pose as her fiancee and he'll save Saving Grace.

Lucy's desperation gets the best of her: she accepts. She doesn't know a touchdown from a field goal, or the governor's wife from his mom. But she and Alex has a game-plan, and it's going to work. Alex will win the election and Lucy will have Saving Grace. But when God asks them to put down the playbook and follow His book, will they?

You'll laugh, you'll cry - you'll have the time of your life with Lucy, Alex and their surrounding cast... So go get your hands on a copy of "Save the Date"!!!

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