Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games

Yes, I am one of those who didn't read the book, so what right do I have sitting in the theatre, right? ;)

Anyways, if you're thinking about it, I'd recommend you go catch the movie, but not for the reasons you might think.

Sure, cheering for Katniss and Peeta, following the story, the suspense - all that was enjoyable - but please don't let that be all that you take from the movie. Please don't just enjoy cheering for Katniss and Peeta and then leave.

In fact, if you can't enjoy yourself while you're thinking about deep questions, then please don't enjoy yourself.

Injustice is real.

The Hunger Games is real.

Maybe not as drastic, yet.

Today, we turn a blind eye to the poor. Today, we say that trafficking and child labour and forcing children to fight in wars is either "fake", "their own choice", or "not that brutal". Today, we think that war - humans killing humans - is normal, even honourable.

What will it be tomorrow?

Will it go from being okay, to encouraged... to being entertainment? To being a game?

Susanne Collins paints a picture of a futuristic world. And we'll all say, "Oh, that will never happen." We'll all say "It's just a story."

But it IS happening. It might not just be a story. 

As much as I hate to say it, humanity is not far from that. 

The channel is changed as the "Sponsor a Child" commercials come on. Social justice movements are quickly labelled "Scam" and "Fake". Tears are shed for a few days after a disaster in the third world - but when's the last time you thought of Haiti or the Horn of Africa? Joseph Kony forces children to kill... but Kony:2012 still has skeptics drilling it to the ground.

We have a responsibility to make sure our race - the race of humanity - does not end up like the one in the Hunger Games series.

This might be my favourite dialogue in the whole movie, and it's between the bad guys... ;) Take a look:

Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.

So contain it? What?

Well, of course that's what the bad guys will say.

Too much hope can be dangerous... to who?

Well, to the bad guys. To the guys who are entertained by the Hunger Games, by injustice. To those who are afraid that if those living in poverty are given too much hope, they'll have to give up some of their luxury in order for everyone to have enough.

Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.

Hope, hope in Jesus, is the only thing that will ensure our society doesn't become a Hunger Games society.

And boy am I glad, because as {I hope} you can see from my blog, hope exists.

So look for hope. Spread hope. Give hope. Show hope.

And never, ever give up hope. :)


  1. This is so true! Very well written and the quote was perfect. I'm glad there are some people who look for the deeper message in the Hunger Games :)

  2. This is a great post!

    I adore the books and just got to see the movie. I don't know if you know this, but part of Suzanne Collins' was to bring awareness to the horror child soldiers in Africa.

    It would be awesome if this story became a wake up call for the injustices in the world!

  3. i didn't know that! thanks! :)

  4. Wow! This is an awesome post! So true! I'm a 4th grade teacher and I try my best to subtly make my students aware of some of the world's injustices without scaring them. People need to know.


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