Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Break Movie: Mars Needs Moms

Okay, so for real, my cousin, brother and I were the only ones in the theatre between the ages 10 and 25. Everyone else was either a child younger than 10 or a mom over 25. Haha. But it was a good movie! I walked in thinking I might not like it, but I'm one for trying new things, so I went ahead and watched this 3D cartoon sci-fi movie. Not bad, I must say. :)

There is life on mars! They live underground, which is why humans can't find these martians. Every 25 years or so, baby martians pop out of the ground and the martians have a problem: they SUCK at being moms. So, they created nanny-bots. And in order for these nanny-bots to be programmed, the martians look for a mom on earth, kidnap her, then take all her brain memory and plug it into the nanny-bots. Mars needs moms! And since Milo's mom happens to be a very good mom, and Milo happens to be a very good son and listens to her, mars wants her. "My life would be so much better if I didn't have a mom!" Milo shouts at her in anger. And little does he know, he's about to find out what that's like. When Milo's mom gets taken, Milo decides he's going to apologize for what he said, goes to her room... and she's gone. He is able to hitch a ride on the spaceship, and get to mars to find out what's going on. Will he be able to save his mom and show the martians they don't really need these nanny-bots, just "the crazy love thing?"

So, the obvious message here is: don't listen to your mom, or mars will take her. No, just kidding. ;) This movie has many valuable messages, for kids, parents and teens. Family is important. Your mom loves you, and that's why you're always told to eat you broccoli or else no TV. Teamwork. Love. Selflessness. All important lessons you get from this movie.

This movie is a great one, go watch it! :)

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