Friday, March 25, 2011

No-name, at the Moment...

This post, or rather "series" has no name yet, so I need your help to help my name it. Ever so often (once a week? once every two weeks? :P) I'll be writing a post about a random piece of media (book, movie, song, TV show, maybe even iPod apps, whatever. You get the picture. :P). Yeah, so it doesn't have a name yet. "Media"? (Can you say booorring!?) LOL, so as you can see, my creative vibes aren't going right now, so help me name this series! ;)

Today, I'm gonna talk about a little-know artist named Sarah Walker. She has one album out right now, entitled "Overflow." Let me tell you: Ah-maze-ing!!! :) She's a Christian artist. A portion of all the profits from her sales go to fight poverty in Africa. How sweet is that?! :) Anyways, back to the actual music. Her songs are absolutely moving, encouraging and make you want to worship God even more!

Here's a sample of my fave lyrics by her:
i want to live out of the overflow/cuz deep in my heart i know/Your love is all i need/and i want to shine with radiance deep inside/reflecting compassion and Your grace for all to see/His love in me.

Love it!! :D Check out more of her stuff here.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget: this post needs a name! :P

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