Monday, September 12, 2011

Water of Life

You might remember my post about the #twakeover contest @compassion was in.

Well, we lost. :P

But hey, that doesn't mean the kids that need clean water have to lose.

Did you have a glass of clean water today? Did you take a shower in clean water today? You brushed your teeth, didn't you?

If you did, you are blessed.

Because millions of children drink water that will kill them.

Imagine. You know the water you have to drink could very well kill you. Give you disgusting diseases. But what other water is there?

Well, there's Compassion's Water of Life System.

Fifty-five dollars.

That's all it takes to provide a child with one of these:

This filter provides clean water for life. That filter will clean over 1 million gallons of water before it dies. A person living to 80 only drinks 14,600 gallons, IF they drink the required amount of water [64 ounces] every day.

So yes, clean water FOR LIFE.

Water Of Life is fairly new to me, and fairly new in general. So, now that you know about this amazing system, will you please pass it on?

And fellow Canadians, I know it's not tax-deductible for us. YET! It's coming so stay tuned! And in the meantime, you can still donate to Kaitlin's Wish, which I blogged about before.

But Americans, get going! Everyone deserves the dignity of having safe drinking water.

I mean, it's so easy! It's like, "Duh! That's all? That all we need to get everyone in the world safe drinking water?"

$55. That's all it takes to save a life.

Please donate, spread the word and pray.

God's doing amazing things through Compassion International! :)


  1. Wow! My mama and I split buying one.

    It is so crazy how we can just drink half a cup of water and throw the rest down the sink or silly things like that when people around the world are dying of thirst, diseases from dirty water and starvation!

    And only 55 dollars!

    Everybody here is something to motivate you to bye one.. Jill Foley from the Compassionfamily blog is giving anybody 5 correspondent kits if you bye one!!

    Great Post, Thanks!


  2. Also, unrelated to your post, I miss your posting! I hope you post soon!!

    With love,


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