Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've Been Ignoring You Guys!!!

Wow, I've been having trouble keepin' up! :P Sorry! :(

Anyways, the reason I've been ignoring [not purposely, promise!!] is because I'm still trying to get used to the thing... You might of heard of it... School? Yeah. :P

But... When I get used to it I shall get better at blogging more often... :P

So, let me catch you guys up...

My ankle has healed quite nicely thanks to the Ultimate Healer! I made the basketball team from the bench [I'm still wondering how that happened. :$] so I'm now at practice a lot and loving it. I was seriously missing ball so much while I was out for a week, haha. :P

One thing I've been really learning/re-learing this past week or two is that God's always there through the hard stuff, and he is always, always enough. Whenever I found myself asking "Why?" about my ankle or homework or something, I found a reminder of God's grace and love, and a reminder of the beautiful kids in the Compassion program, kids that persevere through much, much more than me with much, much less resources than me.

Which brings me to Compassion kids...

You been thinking you should sponsor through Compassion? Me too.

My mom and I got about 7 or 8 [maybe even 10?] child packs that are connected to a little treasure that needs a sponsor just like you!

There's Juana, Mae, John, Jhunnel and Patrice from the same centre as Julius and Jhon, who y'all know about from these posts:

And then there's Eliyah, Kalembe, Ishimwe and Fikadu from the Horn of Africa, which as many of you know is still suffering from a drought. [On a side note, you can still donate to Samaritan's Purse Canada here.]

It's kinda weird as I hold each one of these child packs, trying to understand that each one is connected to a real kid, suffering through a very real nightmare - poverty.

If you want more information about any of these kids, even just a picture... Let me know!!! They all need you! And to be honest, you need them too. You just don't know it yet. ;)

You can email me/my mom here:

If you can't make the commitment right now, I'd ask you just to pray that these kids would find sponsors.

Which brings me to another thing... I've been kinda "babysitting" Ratthaphum online... Haha. He's been waiting 500+ days for a sponsor!!! :( Imagine waiting that long... I've been hoping he'd get sponsored soon. And like I said on twitter, don't let his name intimidate you. Take it as a challenge. ;)

Have an amazing Wednesday night and Thursday!!!

Thanks for reading guys! <3


  1. I have missed your posting! But I understand about school.

    I'm glad your ankle is better(:

    And I sorely wish that I could sponsor these precious kids.. but I already sponsor one without a job... once I get the chance, though I'll let you know(: But I will be praying for all of them!


  2. thanks claire! and you are amazing for sponsoring without a job! keep it up! <3

  3. 500+ days is way too long...I'm praying for him right now.


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