Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Feel Like...

...I took a blog break, but it's only been less than a week! But I guess that's just because A LOT has happened in the past few days. I good, the bad and the ugly. Let me tell you about them all:

The Good: I'm LOVIN' High School! :) My Sem's kinda hard [Geo, Science, Math, English], but hey, that means super-easy sem 2 [Phys-Ed, Music, Art, French]! :P I didn't get lost [that much...], and pretty much got everything good with school. :P Teachers, locker, people in my class, love it all, thank you God!

The Bad: Welllll... I sprained my ankle at basketball tryouts. BUT! It's not THAT bad. I'm making WAY faster progress than I thought I would be. I can stand without a brace or anything today, only 48 hours after it happened! And I walked today, all day, without crutches, just my walking cast. :) So it's okay. Prayers much appreciated. <3

And then... The Ugly.

The mood of this post is about to swing drastically, so brace yourself.

On Wednesday, the second day of school, we found out that a Grade 6 boy from my elementary school committed suicide on Tuesday. He was 11-years-old. 

Upon hearing the news, I was numb. Shocked. Speechless. 

Many of the same thoughts from my post about Wade Belak came flooding back into my head. 

No hope. 

The saddest thing ever is hopelessness. 

This boy made it real to me. Kids really, really do struggle with depression. Depression kills. It takes your life away and if you don't fight for it you will never get it back. 

Depression is real.

It brought my attention to the organization To Write Love On Her Arms. Before I had sort of overlooked them, thinking that people struggling with mental health issues don't actually need THAT much help. 

Oh, was I wrong.

TWLOHA are really, for real, saving lives. They are saving lives by giving hope. 

I am so, so, so devastated that I had to blog about suicide TWICE in the last 10 days. Once was already one to many times. I do NOT like blogging about this at all.

But it needs to be talked about. 

Everyone deserves hope. 

What is life, if there is no hope?

So please, spend just even two minutes today, giving someone hope. 

It could be as small as a smile.

Or in the boy from my school's case, it could be as small as standing up for someone being bullied. Befriending them and telling them that they are beautiful, wonderful, amazing. That God LOVES them. That they have a future.

That they should never be afraid to Hope.


  1. Wow sooooooo sad. I will be praying for that boy's family. I can't imagine.
    Praying for your ankle too. Happy your school is going good. Mine is too.:)

    Your friend,

  2. That is so sad...

    I'll be praying!

    ~ Claire


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