Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Stanley Cup Has Been Presented. . . To The Americans. . . Again.

Okay, okay, I'm not as bitter as the title of this post suggests, but really. The last time Canada - the country who this sport belongs to - has had a team win the Stanley Cup was in 1993. I was not born then.

A Canadian NHL team has NOT won a Stanley Cup in my lifetime. Sad.

I really though this was our year.

Guess not.

I guess the President's Trophy really is jinxed... ;P

But I'm not rioting. [That was dissapointing, 'Nucks "fans." [Fans is in the quotes cuz real fans don't riot. They stick with their team 'til the very bitter end. Learn from the Leafs fans.] Rioting. How... Canadiens-fans-like. :P]

Anyways, enough with the sad stuff, even though Canada did lose out this time.... Congrats to the Boston Bruins, who played 3 game 7's to earn this championship and, I am also quite happy to see this sight:

That is Tomas Kaberle receiving the Cup from Tim Thomas. Yes, that's right. Tomas Kaberle. [I didn't recognize him in the pic either.] The dude was a Leaf 4 months ago. Woulda been nice to see him lift it in the B&W [BLUE and white, not black and white!], but all is good, and I'm happy for the guy. He deserves it, after suffering all those years as a Leaf, and now the Leafs are starting a new, er, dynasty, one filled with countless Stanley Cups and Presidents' Trophies! [So I hope.]

Anyways, both playoffs are over. Now what's there to talk about?! :O LOL, j/k, my blog will still be full don't worry. And anyways, free agency and draft day is coming up...! ;)

Guess it's back to being a Leafs fan, which is WAY more fun than cheering for these other teams. My beloved Leafs will bring 'er home to Canada for 2012, don't worry. ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

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