Thursday, June 16, 2011

1000 Things I'm Thankful For! :)

220. Fun times at an Ultimate Frisbee tourney yesterday with my school's co-ed team.
222. Going back to being a Leafs fan, now that the Stanley Cup playoffs are over...
223. Speaking of which, watching the NHL playoffs. [But I must admit, NBA was WAAAAY better this year.]
224. Laughing way too much in one day...
225. Related to the last one: Spilling yogurt on a teammate's bag, then telling him a bird did it's business on it...! :P Oh boy.
226. Also related to #224: Ordering pizza. :P [Inside joke, kinda? :P]
227. This is a lame thing to be thankful for but, the Leafs signed James Reimer to a 3-year contract! :D
228. Locking up plans to visit Florianlyn! :D
229. Air-conditioning
230. Word games on the iPod/iPhone. [7 Little Words, Moxie, etc.] [Yes, I realize I'm a nerd.]
231. Friends that loan you pencils when you forget to bring one. Again.
232. Country music.
233. School's almost out!!! :D
234. Summer.
235. Cell phones.
236. Watching movies in class all afternoon, because the teachers want summer as much as we do. :p
237. Reading the devotional Hope Lives by Amber Van Schooneveld with my family.
238. A roof over my head... The place I call HOME. <3

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