Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And We Have a Champion!

2010-2011 NBA Champions: The Dallas Mavericks!!!

It was exciting, for sure. It was a very back and forth game, exchanging 12 point leads. There was even a fight... :/ Who fights in the finals? Anyways... My prediction was off by one game, but I'm okay with that... The Mavs won!!! :D Dirk struggled from the field in the first few quarters, but had 10 points in the fourth, and 21 in total, and he won Finals MVP. Jason Terry went off. He had 27 points (the most any player had all night) and he was 69% from the field. Barea had 15 points, and Jason Kidd had 8 assists.

Here's the highlights:

Go Mavs Go! :D Oh, and Mark Cuban just cracks me up. He's so hyper... :P Oh, and Jason Terry gave all the glory to God after the game again! :) Love it.

So... season's over. :( Sucks. Oh, well, now the off seasons drama comes. But I doubt there'll be as much drama as last year, when the ahem... "New Big Three" was formed. Who knows? Maybe Miami will just trade off all three of them?! LOL, doubt that! :P Hopefully though, the Raptors do something. Anything. I'm excited to see who they'll hire as coach. Maybe they should just hire me! :D LOL.

Stay tuned... The Stanley Cup gets presented on Wednesday night. Who will it be...?! "History Will Be Made." ;)

Thanks for reading!

Game 6 Mini-Movie [It's pretty awesome... :)]:

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