Friday, June 10, 2011

This Is Gonna Be One of Those Random Ones...

So, I asked LeBron for a dollar, but he only gave me 75 cents... Apparently he doesn't have a fourth quarter.

So, that joke right there wins "Funniest Of The Week" for me this week, creds to my cousin.

Anyways, you might've missed it, so here's game 5 of the NBA Finals, and this is a pretty epic mini-movie:

Yeah. Go Mavs! (: <3

Oh, yeah, and you're gonna love this. [At least, I do.] 16 seconds worth watching. Jason Terry after the game [Bad quality, sorry guys!]:

All glory to God. LOOOOOOOVE IT! :D

Okay, switching topics. Who's still in school?! Cuz I am! I so can't believe I'm almost done though. This year sped by. I'm gonna miss it. <3

Oh! Went and saw X-Men: First Class this week with my fam. It was so good! :) [Mini-Spoiler here! Skip this paragraph if you don't want it!] For those people who say it's not X-Men without Wolverine/Hugh Jackman: Hugh gets about 5 seconds of screen time. So he's in it. So, "Hugh's not in it." isn't an excuse anymore. And it's a pretty sick movie. But I was gonna punch Professor X at the end for telling Mystique... Nevermind. Watch it and you'll get what I wanted to punch him for. [Okay, I'll tell you, but MAJOR SPOILER in these brackets. Don't say I didn't warn you. I wanted to punch him for telling her to go with Magneto. Like, I really liked her thru the movie, and was like "How does this girl turn bad?!" And then I found out it was Professor X that told her to go?!?! WHAT?! NO!!! I really was starting to like the girl I didn't like in the original movies! :(] Anyways, it was actually a really really good movie. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars if I was one of those movie critics... ;)

Anyways, have a super weekend if I don't blog this weekend! Thanks for reading! (:

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