Saturday, May 28, 2011

Media Matters - Carrie Underwood

So, I can't even say enough about Carrie Underwood. I haven't been a fan very long (only since she married a hockey player, LOL!) but you only have to listen to her once to figure out she's amazing. I was watching some YouTube vids of her performing live tonight, and she is amazing. She can make her live performances sound just like the CD (proving she's not using some computer voice changing thingy to make her albums sound better), she make it a beautiful rendition, she could be SICK, and still sound ah-maze-ing. You could just listen to an audio of her live performances and know they're awesome. Unlike other artists, Carrie doesn't need to put on a show, dance and act and put on flashy costumes during her live performances, she stands there with a mic on a mic stand, and she gets standing Os. Can't say enough about her. And that's just me talking about her live performances. Her albums are even better, and so are her music vids!!! :) Check out this video of her performing one of my fave songs "Change":

I'm so glad she's sending out that message. The exact same message I have.

Oh, yeah, did I mention she's a Christian and not ashamed of it? She makes sure to that God after every award she wins, adds Christianity to her lyrics without being afraid that she'll be less popular, she's awesome! :) She gives all the glory where it belongs.

Thanks for reading! :)

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