Friday, May 27, 2011

NBA/NHL Finals, Already?

So another way to tell me that school's almost out, that time is going by way to fast. It's finals time!

So, I've come to this conclusion: Whenever I cheer for a team they lose. So, I've decided that I should cheer for Miami, and maybe they'll lose?? What? This is my final and last resort. If this doesn't work, then they deserve the championship. Because any team that can with the title with me cheering for them, is worthy of the title. Ask anyone I know. Seriously. Anyways... No one can guard Dirk on Miami. The Matrix will guard LeBron, no matter what any Miami fans say. Dallas is gonna win. Oh, no, what ever will my Miami-fan-ness do? [Can you hear the sarcasm?? LOL.] You know what, I changed my mind. I'm cheering for Dallas. Dallas, 4-3.

Come on Canada, we're so close. We don't even have to wait for Winnipeg to win it for us! Let's go Canucks!!! I think this one could come down to the goalies. Tim Thomas vs. Roberto Luongo. It could also come down to whether or not each team's top guns can score. I want the cup back in Canada. 'Nucks, 4-2.

There you have it. After this, it'll be sports-drought time until September! D: LOL. Thanks for reading!

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