Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i seriously need to blog more.

Haha, I guess the title says it all?! Yep, I seriously need to blog more. :P So... I promise to blog more than just my 1000 gifts. :) Be warned though, because of my blogging more, you might find some extremely random stuff on here... Today's blog is gonna be a random one, just to get me going. This is just gonna be a total "Everything That's On My Mind List." Okay? Here it goes...

1. Did you know that the food bank's shelves are the most empty NOW, this time of year? Well, you know now, and now you have to do something about that. Go buy some non-perishible food items, (no, not for you!) and donate them to your local food bank! Both my school and church in the past/up-coming two weeks are having a food drive to help stock those empty shelves. Please do something as well.

2. My basketball team is still undefeated!!! :) We have a tournament tomorrow and Thursday, exciting stuff! Sadly, I'll only be going to half the tournament (get to that later...) so wishing all my girls good luck!

3. Reason #1 I'm not attending the tourney: Mandatory Band Practice! I was privileged to be picked to join an honour band, a band made up of some of the best musicians in my school board! Super excited and totally stoked for it! :) Let's go Band! :)

4. Reason #2: I'm going to a Toronto Maple Leafs game with my Daddy! :) Super excited, hopefully they win!!!

5. A couple nights ago was the superbowl and what an exciting game it was! I was cheering for Green Bay and they won! :) We had an impromptu superbowl party with my dad's sister's family, and it was very much enjoyed. :)

6. I'm reading a book called "Tell Me Why" by Eric Walters at school. This non-fiction book is a collection of letters responding to a letter Eric Walters wrote with some students. Basically the letter asks: Why are humans living in war, poverty, sickness, total un-fairness? Why do some people do horrible things to others so that they are made to live in these terrible conditions? And most importantly, what can a kid or teen do to make a difference? This letter was sent to many people who have made a difference and one of the responding letters brought up a great point. Here is how I interpreted it: In our schools, we are told, in the subject of bullying, to never stand-by, but stand-up to the bully. With the technology we have today, we are able to witness (or be by-standers to) SO MUCH bullying, though the news, internet, phones, everything! The question is, are you going to stand by, or stand up to this "bullying"? Most people choose to change the channel, but how about sitting through it and watching it for once and then finding ways to stand up to it?

I can't really think of anything else... so yup, that's it, my "Everything That's On My Mind List" for right now... hope you enjoyed it, LOL. :)

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