Friday, February 11, 2011

Basketball Tourney!!!

Fourth Place!!! :) Luckily, I was able to make it to most of the tournament, only missing a game and a bit! My team played the best basketball we've played all season, in my opinion! :) Fun times, great spirit, fourth place, pretty awesome tournament, if you ask me. :)
Above is a picture of my team during a timeout. With about 25 seconds left, my team was leading by a point, and our coach calls timeout. While me and the other four players on the floor take instructions from coach, what does the rest of my team do? Pray! So proud that I'm a part of this team, that is not ashamed to pray in front of everyone! Love it! :) We pray when teammates get injured, when we're in need of strength, before games and just randomly on the bench together! Right now, our team would appreciate prayer for an injured player. :) We ended up losing this game by a basket, mostly because of foul trouble, but had great effort! Thanks for reading!

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