Monday, February 7, 2011

1000 Things I'm Thankful For

109. Starting the week with an amazing time of worship.
110. Letters to/form our compassion kids.
111. Impromptu superbowl party with my cousins...
112. ...and the team I was cheering for, the Green Bay Packers, won!
113. Helping to serve a dinner to homeless people.
114. My monthly Susie magazine.
115. Tagging along with my Dad to work, don't get to do it often!
116. Dinner with my younger cousins.
117. Piano lessons.
118. School basketball team UNDEFEATED!!! :)
119. Tournament this week, Playoffs next.
120. Playing totally random, pointless games on my iPod touch, haha. :P
121. A half snow-day...
122. ...and shovelling my driveway, and then shovelling our neighbours', just to help out.
123. Perspective.
124. Reading a great book.
125. How beautiful the snow looks in the sunshine.
126. Warm P.J.'s and a blanket
127. Chats with my Mom

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