Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1000 Things I'm Thankful For

35. Wrapping gifts for underprivileged kids in our city
36. Accidentally sleeping through my alarm this morning but getting an extra 40 minutes of sleep...
37. And I wasn't even late for school! ;-)
38. Val and Kat won Battle of the Blades!!!
39. And with that $50,000 goes to Val's (and one of my) favourite charity, Compassion Canada!!!
40. The Leafs have won 3 out of their last 4!!!
41. My cousin's school concert's "admission" is a gift for the toy drive.
42. Girls night with mommy tonight.
43. Christmas decorations!!! :)
44. My dad and lil bro are going to an NBA basketball game tonight... without me! But that's okay, hopefully they win and they have a good time...
45. Kiddy movies on a boing Saturday morning. :P
46. Helping one of my old homeroom teachers in her classroom.
47. Me, the oldest at my school, helping out with the kindergarten kids, the youngest at my school...
48. And the cute little mistakes they make, such as shoes on the opposite feet!
49. Warm clothes.
50. A fresh, blank sheet of paper for a doodle.
51. Cute, mini, little children.
52. My classmates.
53. Good grades on my report card.
54. Pictures...
55. ...So you can look back at memories you might've lost otherwise
56. Annu's parents found a better job, and they are doing better.
57. My new Compassion sister, Florianlyn.
58. My mom's blog that she just found out has been listed as a Compassion blog... :)
59. Picnik on facebook which allows me to edit photos...
60. Movies
61. sock-slippers...


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