Sunday, December 12, 2010

1000 Things I'm Thankful For

Wow... it's been awhile... :P oops. :)

62. Making the basketball team.
63. Serving a meal for 100+ homeless people last night with my family.
64. Slowly healing from my cold, just in time for my Christmas concert at school, where I would've had to emcee, sing and play clarinet with my cold, not fun!
65. Playing the piano for a woman who is sick.
67. First basketball of the season this Wednesday
68. Learning how to make a wonton. :P
69. Cough drops... :)
70. Tobiko sushi. ;)
71. Christmas decorations everywhere!
72. Peppermint stick ice cream.
73. Being done my geography project on Haiti...
74. ...and learning all about the country and seeing the contrast of all that I have compared to the nothingness, emptiness, hopelessness that the country of Haiti has.
75. Christmas songs.
76. Cheering up friends...
77. ...and encouraging them to keep going...
78. ...and they do! :)
79. Little ones putting on a play of the story of the true meaning of Christmas.
80. And all the "HI MOM!"s shouted out throughout. :)
81. This is my favourite player on the Leafs' number, Phil Kessel, so, the Leafs won last night. :)
82. The new Narnia movie!
83. Christmas cookies.
84. Amazing comeback by the Raptors last night to win 120-116!!!
85. Buying candy at the Bulk Barn for a gingerbread house at school.
86. Our teachers organizing a gingerbread house build during class time!
87. This is Sid Crosby's number, so i guess, the Penguins are on a 12 game winning streak! :)
88. Wrapping presents for my family.
89. Hearing a homeless lady last night: "I wished for Chinese food this week, and what did I get? Chinese!!!" :)
90. Sleeping in, I'm even more thankful for it now that I have to wake up early for basketball practice.
91. Jeans.

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