Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today, my family and I received news that our Compassion child, Annu, has moved away from her village and will no longer continue in the Compassion program... This is bittersweet news for me. Obviously, the "bitter" part is that we will no longer sponsor Annu. The "sweet" part is that the reason she moved is that her parent(s) have found a better job, and are moving to a better area. I'm praying that they settle well there and that they will continue to do well! Compassion Canada tells us that Annu has been doing very well, and all was good when they moved.
So now, I have another Compassion sister, this time from the Philippines named Florianlyn. I'm excited to start writing to her!!!

If you'd like to sponsor a Compassion child, visit www.compassion.ca

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  1. I'm excited too! And... just maybe... we'll get to meet her in person! :-)


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