Saturday, October 24, 2015

Compassion Birthday Love

October is birthday month for my two Compassion kiddos.

By total coincidence, these two kids' birthdays are 6 days apart.

This is the 4th time I'm celebrating Happyness' birthday as her sponsor and I really can't believe it. Yeah, I had a little nostalgic Compassion big sister moment last week.

But seriously guys, remember when she was this adorable little 4-year-old with the cutest pink outfit and beads in her hair? 

We've both come a long way. 

For reference, here's what my Facebook profile picture looked like around the same time. Braces and all.

circa summer 2011

As for Johnrel, it's been just under a year since I sponsored this adorable little guy from the community where oceans rise. My sponsorship of Johnrel has been instrumental over the past year in learning more about my role in God's story of redemption for our broken world

Happy, happy birthday to these two precious kids. 
They have impacted my life and strengthened my faith in incredible ways.

And on that note... Birthdays are a GREAT way to connect with or choose a Compassion child. 

Both my little bro and my mama share birthdays with two of our kids... Jon shares a birthday with Bell Bradley from Haiti, and my mama shares a birthday with her long-searched-for birthday buddy, Maria from Ecuador.

Would you consider sponsoring a child? You can search for a child based on their birthday and see if a child somewhere on the other side of the globe shares your special day. Or choose a child who is celebrating a birthday over the next couple months... and be the greatest birthday gift ever.

Compassion's sponsorship model is about so much more than giving $41/month. Sponsoring a child with Compassion pulls us out of our comfortable worlds to reach across the globe to a child who becomes a part of our family... A child who you pray for and care for, a child whose letters you can't wait to receive and whose birthday you celebrate with joy. 

This is some amazing stuff, and I can't wait for you to discover what joy sponsoring a Compassion child can bring.


  1. What a fun post! Happyness sure has grown up so much! And I love the idea of birthday buddies. Our son was born on the birthday of my husband's first sponsored kid (his kid from before we were married!) but I'd love for our daughter to have a birthday friend also!

    1. That is such a fun & amazing coincidence! Yes - whenever people find kids at an event or elsewhere with the same birthday as them, I always tell them to take it as a sign to sponsor them! ;)


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