Friday, October 11, 2013

International Day of the Girl

To my dearest sisters, worldwide:

I'm sorry. It really isn't fair.

It's not fair that I was born in Canada and you weren't - and that decides which one of us is able to read and write this letter.

It's just not fair.

It's not fair that because you're a girl in a certain part of the world at a certain point in history, you're not allowed to go to school.

I'm a girl in that same point in history - and because I live in a different part of the world, in a different culture and class, I'm allowed to go to school.

It's not fair that you're sold into prostitution against your will. It's not fair that you'll marry at thirteen and be abused by your 40-year-old husband. It's not fair that literacy is deemed unnecessary for you because all you'll ever do is cook, clean, tend to children, and sell at the market. It's not fair that you'll grow up and be cheated by loan sharks because you don't understand interest.

I get how unfair it is and I wish I could just come and teach you how to write - because this words-girl here can't even imagine not having the precious, precious ability to write.

It almost hurts to think about it.

And here I am sitting in high school stupidly trying to earn high 90s and I feel like if you were in my place all you'd want is to learn.

I feel like the high 90s wouldn't matter to you. You'd simply be thankful for the knowledge, wisdom, gifts you were acquiring.

Yeah, it sucks. It's not fair and I'm sorry I forget about you and spend my energy sweating over my education.

And you're just wishing for one. 

But girl, there is hope! You would not believe all I've been reading this week. There are all these people coming together and calling for education for you. 

Yes - people are starting to understand that it's not fair.

There's this girl, just like you and me. Her name's Malala. You would not believe how many people she's inspired to fight for education. 

Some people tried to silence her with a gun - but a year later, her voice, crying out for education for all, is stronger and louder than ever.

And sister, here's my promise to you:

I promise that I will always use my literacy to fight for you. I promise that I'll never use my education to take advantage of you, but to let the world know about you. About how unfair it is. How all the scales are tipped against you.

I promise I'll always use my ability to write to cry out on your behalf. 

I hope you'll be able to write back soon.

With all my love, support and respect. ❤

Happy International Day of the Girl!


  1. Love it, sister! I especially like "I hope you'll be able to write back soon." Great post!! :)


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