Friday, August 23, 2013

Road Trippin'

Super thankful for vacation and travel time these past few days - with my parents and my brother, showing them Wilmington and visiting Corning, NY and Niagara Falls on the way home, and a few days spent with my mom's whole side of the family sprinkled in between, visiting Lancaster, PA.

[Fourteen of us trekking around Lancaster, PA. Was is crazy? Yes. Was it loud? Yes. But I wouldn't have traded it for anything. :)]

As we gear up around here for the return to routine and back to school (already?!), here are some photos from our trip.

Day 1: Beautiful Sunset on our drive down.

Day 2: Visiting the church that I stayed at during both my Compassion trips to Wilmington, DE!

And Brandywine Park across the street. :)

Visiting the UrbanPromise Wilmington office. They're on break - not much staff and no kids, but we still met some staff and I got to show my family around, which was so awesome. :)

Presto - our fave coffee shop and everyday hang out down there. 

Pointing out the community where some of the UrbanPromise Camp Victory (my camp!) kids live on a map in the restaurant we stopped at for lunch.

Family shot in the window. :)

Planking on some bike racks. :P

Checking out the DuPont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington. It was so awesome to have the chance be a tourist in this city. There's way more stuff than what I was able to see or even hear about in my two weeks there - obviously a different focus last time I was there.

Day 3: Driving along the Brandywine River. 

Checking out the Hagley Museum in Wilmington - all about the DuPont company's start in that city.

Trying to write with quill pens at the schoolhouse. My leftie mama learned why they forced kids to write with their right hand - almost impossible to use a quill pen with your left!

In front of the DuPont house.

Day 4: Driving into Lancaster, PA and sharing the road with the Amish! :) 

Annnd, our extended family has arrived at our hotel after driving down a few days after us! :)

Day 5: Visiting the Amish Village - a set-up, but quite authentic and true to the culture of the Amish in Lancaster. 

Checking out a buggy with my cousin (the only other girl amongst us cousins - we gotta stick together!) and our grandpa.

And with my brother. :)

My buddy the pig.

Feeding a goat! :D

Visiting the Amish schoolhouse - my mom's the teacher! ;)

My little cousins - forever running around. :) #lovethem

The whole gang!

1, 2, 3, JUMP!

When Canadians go to Pennsylvania, we shop. And pretend to ride the rides at the outlet malls. ;) 

Stumbled upon an exhibit about the roots of Anabaptists and Mennonites - so cool to be able to learn about our church's roots! :)

Cousins - all 6 of us. :)

Day 6: What sparked this trip in the first place: My grandma wanted us to go see a show at Sight & Sound Theatre - a theatre bringing the Bible to life. We saw their production of Noah - very well done & super great! :)

Shopping x2! Boys and grandparents waiting while the girls are shopping.

Day 7: Sending our family off - back home after a great time together while we stay on a couple more days. (One of these kids is NOT happy about gearing up for 9.5 hours in a car - can you spot him? Haha.) 

Visiting the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on our way out of Lancaster - we love Habitat. :)

After some driving - we stop in Corning, NY and visit the Corning Museum of Glass. 

Day 8: Spending the morning in downtown Corning. (That rhymed! :P)

Found a cute little Farmer's Market for brunch!

Almost home! Spending the afternoon at Niagara Falls - that place never gets old. :)
Super super thankful for this time spent with my family! :)

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  1. I love the jumping photo first of all! Funny thing is we just saw the Falls from the US side (we live really close) last week too. And we've been to Corning as well :) So cool you got to show your family around some places. Glad you had fun!! :)


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