Friday, June 28, 2013

10 Things I Learned In June

linking up with emily freeman @ chatting at the sky today. need a quick intro/explanation to this post? here.

1. Apparently I don't blog in June when exams and ISUs happen unless it's a link up or a fun get-to-know-you post. I try to write a good, deep(ish) post for some real blog content and it just ends up in drafts and will probably end up being posted in July. Sorry.

2. John Mayer wrote a song in response to Taylor Swift's Dear John?! For real.

3. I used to wear something other than jeans/my hair did something other than a messy bun/my clothes used to really, really, match (socks included)/I looked like a hipster baby model when my mom used to dress me:

4. That guy on Gonzaga's basketball team with the super long hair is Canadian. And he was drafted 13th overall into the NBA this year. And there's this other Canadian basketball player named Anthony Bennett who's apparently good enough to be drafted #1 overall and make history. Woot for ever growing Canadian ball! :)

5. When things [like McDonalds] get torn down, they might still show up on Google Maps for awhile. So you and your friends will walk around in circles looking for a non-existent McDonalds. Moral of the story? Just look up from your iPhone and choose where to eat by what you see. Hashtag first world problems.

6. When your brother gets baptized by your dad, your heart bursts a little bit. :)

7. It takes me about three hours on the first day of summer to make up for almost a whole school year of not cleaning my room.

8. Ann Voskamp is a crazy good, make-you-cry writer. But I think I already knew that. So that was more of a "Things I Was Reminded Of in June". But you really. must. check out her blog posts from Uganda: this, this, and this.

9. Your learn all sorts of stuff while watching your parents' wedding video on their wedding anniversary. Like some of those sheets in the linen closest were a wedding gift (from 19 years ago, for real!). And you get to see younger versions of all your relatives which is always the best.

10. S'moreos? Yeah, this must happen at some point this summer.

That's all! I'd love to hear what you learned in June - so join the link up! :)


  1. That Smoreo. Stop the world.

    Great list!

    1. right?! haha.

      thanks for stopping by, emily! :) [!!! real live author commenting on my blog! heehee. ;)]

  2. Love this! And oh my goodness, Ann's posts did make me cry. I follow her blog, and her writing is so eloquent!

  3. So imagining you and your friends driving around for a missing McDonald's is an AMAZING picture! I've totally done stuff like that before, guess technology isn't always as "fast" as we think it is.

    Also, totally cute baby photo :)

    1. worse - we were walking! hahaha! it was funny. we even asked some people where it was and they gave us odd looks.

  4. Loved your list! Connecting with you through Emily's link-up. Yes, i agree number seven ...:)


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