Friday, November 23, 2012

'Tis the Season to Go Shopping

So, from what I'm told, I can gather that today is the unofficial kickoff to the Christmas season.

Americans get to kick off everything. {Insert grumpy Canadian face here. Wait. Canadians are never grumpy.}

And, from what I'm told, I can gather that people actually trample each other to get to sales?

Huh? {Eh?}

{Insert I'm-happy-to-be-Canadian face here.}

Anyways, before you jump off into the abyss of a mall, let me give you an easy [and really awesome] alternative.

You're about to love me forever.

Introducing (or re-introducing) the GIFTS OF COMPASSION catalogue. :)

She's as excited as I am. ;)

So basically, do all your Christmas shopping here [or here, if you're American]. Because it's awesome. [Really.]

Here's how it works: You buy your dad a library ($100). But, he doesn't actually get the library. A community in the third world does, and Compassion will send you a card that you can give to your dad, with a picture of a library and some background stuff on where his Christmas gift went.

Or, buy your teacher some chickens ($16) and they'll be given to a family in the third world, and Compassion will send you a card for your teacher.

Or, you know that 15/16-year-old in your life that's going for Driver's Ed soon? Buy them Driver's Ed lessons ($142). No, not for them. For a Compassion child's daddy, so that he can have a great source of income as a driver. And yup, Compassion will send you a card! :)

And, you don't have to give your dad/teacher/teenager just a card. Get creative!

Partner the library with a book for dad. Or the chickens with those egg holders or a mug with a funny chicken cartoon on it for your teacher. Partner the Driver's Ed classes with a contribution to 16-year-old's car/insurance/gas/lessons fund [or just get them a key chain. ;)].

And, one last thing, on a different note. If you sponsor a child in the next couple days, maaaaybee your child will know by Christmas. It will be the most amazing Christmas gift ever - a sponsor. :)

And even if they don't find out by Christmas - it can be the best Christmas gift ever, for YOU. :)


  1. Thank you! We do go out for Black Friday... but we do not trample! Lots do.... our favorite place is the Christian book store. We buy extra Jesus Story book bibles to give away! We shop the CI catalog too! I didn't see where we could give chickens though... and we did that and bibles last yr. Thanks for sharing. Love it.

    1. yes, the christian bookstore is always a good stop. :) we have one here too and we love it.

      i don't know if the american catalogue has the chickens this year. i know for sure the canadian one does, but i think the american one only has a generic livestock option.

  2. Yep, yesterday was the kick-off for Christmas. We don't go out that day cause it is soo busy! It is sad though how obsessed people are with it. Love the CI catalog, too!! The Help a child develop physical and life skills through sports helps kids in Andrah Pradesh, India. That is where my youth group sponsors a girl. I love how they have things for specific places this year. Happy shopping!!

    1. i love that option too! i have to look at it a bit more and see if any of them mention any of our kids' towns/cities! :)


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