Monday, October 1, 2012

A Celebration of Joy

The music, the notes, the words, the thanks, it all floated up to heaven on Saturday night. We've been crescendoing to this for months... and this, the forte... then the fermata - the pause to take it all in - and then the double bar line - it's done! 

Still pinching myself that Ann Voskamp came to speak... What a gift she is!
The Compassion table... 5 children from Masbate, Philippines sponsored and many generous donations towards Patnubay Child Development Centre! 
A beautiful performance of Prelude to a Rainfall... composed by my cousin and performed by that same cousin on piano and a friend of mine on cello. Check out the beautiful performance here.

It says it there on the sign that asks for a donation if you'd like some cake. Thank you.

And as I empty those bowls of the loonies and toonies and I begin to count, my heart whispers it: Thank you.

Because God doesn't have to use us.

Because He could do it by Himself and broken doesn't have to mean beautiful.

Because He filled that venue and He brought the artists and He spoke through Ann and He gives grace.

Because I am undeserving yet He gives good gifts and when it was all said and done on Saturday night I remembered to whisper it - Thank you.

Thank you for a building built. Thank you for 272 kids who will learn and grow in that building. Thank you for truth and hope that will come out of that place, thank you for the community that surrounds it. Thank you.

Amazing Grace... how sweet the sound.♥
i stand in awe of You.

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