Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Less Lonely

through the eyes of a Compassion sponsored child... all characters are totally fictional.

I look around the small and empty house. My aunt and all my older cousins aren't home. They're never home. They're always out doing drugs or "working" - but they never seem to earn enough money for anything.

A familiar loneliness settles in my heart, ready to haunt me though the evening.

I sit on the floor, and then I remember the photo and letter that they gave to me at the centre today. I take them out from the bag that they also gave me at the centre.

I hold the photo tightly and look at the pretty girl with smiling eyes and long brown hair.

The teachers at the centre call her my sponsor. 

All I know is that because of her, I can go to school, go to the doctor, and I'm not so hungry so often anymore. My auntie, who I've been living with since my mama and papa died, looks less worried and bothered over me nowadays, and I think maybe the nice girl in the picture has something to do with that. Auntie has three kids of her own, and most times I just feel like a inconvenience to her.

There's a letter too. I try to read some. 

Hello Gabrielle!

Gabrielle. That's me. 

My name is Kari, and I am so excited to be your sponsor. I am 16 years old and I live in Canada. 

At the church, they helped me to find Canada on the map. It seems very far from Uganda. 

How are you? I hope that you are doing well. How is school? Do you like school? I am in grade 11. I like going to school. My favourite thing to learn about is music. How about you, what do you like to learn about?

I can't wait to write back to her and tell her that my favourite subject is math. My tutor, Rachel, said that she would help me write a letter back to Kari tomorrow, on letter writing day. I'm excited just thinking about it - finally I have someone to write to on letter writing day! I don't have to just sit and watch the other kids tomorrow.

I keep reading the rest of the letter. She says she has an older brother and that they both live with their parents. She plays the guitar and likes to sing worship songs at church. 

Soon I get to the end of the letter.

Please write back soon! I can't wait to get to know you. 

I'm surprised that she wants to know about me... She cares about me? No one cares about me.

Always remember that Jesus loves you and is always with you, and I love you too! You are so beautiful and God made you special and in His image. -Kari

I read the words three times over. 

No one has told me that they loved me or that I was beautiful since my mama and papa died. 

And the part about Jesus loving me and being there for me... They say stuff like that at the centre.

I read the words one more time and really let them sink in... 

And I realize I don't feel so lonely anymore.


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  1. You did a great job on this assignment! I love it!

    These assignments are really stretching me! I am eager to see if we're able to meet our goal this month!

    1. thanks michelle! :) yes, i've loved these assignments! hoping we reach our goal too! :)


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