Thursday, September 13, 2012

Confessions of a Broken Teenager

previously titled "A Letter to God". ;)

  Dear God,

  I have a confession to make. A couple, actually.

  I'll get right to it.

Confession #1
  Sometimes, I wonder why. I see all the starving, the hurting, the broken, and I wonder, Father -- why don't you fix it? I know you can... So why not?
  I forget that you have a perfect plan. I forget that although I may not like it or see it, the brokenness is somehow part of that perfect plan. Your ultimate act of love and perfect plan to redeem the world involved a breaking. You said: "...take heart! I have overcome the world," {John 16:33} and I need to trust that.
  Truth is, God, I forget to trust a lot. And I know I need to trust more. After all, "faith" was one of my words for 2012.

Confession #2
  "Thank you" doesn't grace my lips half as much as it should. I don't thank you enough. I forget that a thanks-filled life is the only way to really live. I forget that everything is a grace from you. And I start asking why (see Confession #1). I start fearing. I forget to say thank-you.
  Here's what I'm most thankful for right now, God. Remember that "overcome the world" part from Confession #1? I'm so thankful that you include me in that. I'm so humbled and awestruck.
  Advancing you Kingdom has taught me so much. Investing in the lives of Happyness, Bell Bradley, Florianlyn, Rochelle, Moses, Frederic and Junior through Compassion has taught me so much.
  Each relationship has taught me so much. Rochelle, especially. She's taught me to be joyful in the struggle. She's reminded me to wake up each morning with the desire to do better than the day before.
  Sponsorship through Compassion has given me relationships that I'm am so, so thankful for, God.
  The fact that you choose insignificant people like me... Thank you.

  Thank you for grace, love and everything. I love you.

  As You Wish,


He chooses you too, no matter how insignificant you feel, he chooses you. Isn't that beautiful? Sponsor a Child.

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  1. very well said. Hugs. So thankful for Compassion.



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