Monday, November 7, 2011

The Vow of Silence

Yeah, that's right... On November 30th, I'm taking the Vow of Silence.

The girl that was born talking is going silent for the silenced for 24 hours!

If you don't know what the Vow of Silence is, allow me to explain... You give up your voice for 24 hours, and get people to pledge money and support you - by the hour, minute, or the whole day! :) Where does the money go, might you ask? To the super awesome organization Free the Children, who will be using the money to provide education, alternative income, clean water and healthcare to those living in the third world.

That's what I'm doing.

No talking. No facebook. No twitter. No blogger. Minimal texting and note writing [Only in emergencies or to explain what I'm doing. :)]

So, today I'm asking two questions:

1. Will you support me? :)

Click HERE to go to my online support page. Canadian donations of $10 or more will be eligible for a tax-deductible charitable receipt. THANK YOU! :) <3

2. Take the Vow yourself?

Go to for more info! :)


  1. That is AMAZING! I think I might do that. Is the organization that you are donating to Christain?

  2. I think i'm gonna do it too! But.. could I do it to donate money to Compassion you think???

  3. @Lizzie: No they don't say they are, but they're still amazing. ;)

    @Claire: I guess you could, but you couldn't do the online thing and you'd have to make up you're own pledge form.


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