Thursday, November 17, 2011

Forgive Me?

Ohhh Man. I missed my Monday Mania post this week AND hen't blogged at all in... how many days? Sorry guys!

Anyways, I was on a retreat all weekend with my youth group [and it was amazing, by the way. ;)] so I didn't have my usual time to write my post on Saturday and Sunday and in between now and then well, you know how life gets.

The only thing that kept my feet on the ground was pressing "rewind" and "play" button on the things that I learned and reflected on over the weekend...

This generation, MY generation, will change the world. The internet allows us to connect all across the globe, and because we are the first generation that fully knows how to use this resource, we can and will use it to change the world, much like how the printing press was used to change the world 500 years ago.

The question is: Will we listen to God and change the world for HIS glory?

Once in awhile, especially when life gets the craziest, pause, quiet down, forget about your to-do list and just listen. Listen to God, because he is there. Waiting for you to be willing to listen.

Will you follow?

Here I am. Lord, send me! -Isaiah 6:8


  1. I will follow!
    Great encouraging blog post!

    I love reading your blog!!!(: I would like to join you in your bow of silence... but i need more info.... (: Thanks {again lol}

  2. hey claire!

    if you go to all the information is there. all the steps and how-to of the campaign and how to set up your fundraising page and all that. hope that helps! :)

  3. I will follow! i love reading your posts!

  4. I will follow too!!! That song has been speaking to me this week. So awesome how you posted it. So God.


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