Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today is a Special Day...


1. I don't have homework for the very first time in a month.

2. This marks the first time I've blogged two days in a row in awhile.

3. I don't have homework for the very first time in a month.

I thank God everyday for the education I have that millions of kids don't get, but it would be kinda a little teensy bit nice if they laid off on the homework a bit. :P

Anyways. That is not the point of my post. The point of my post is this:

Sideways... sorry. :$

Nine sweet little kids looking for a sponsor just like you! Let me tell you about them. Half of them are from The Horn of Africa, and the other half are from the Masbate, Philippines, Jhon and Julius's centre, and the same island as Florianlyn. Let me tell you about the ones from Africa today, and the ones from the Philippines later on. :)

Name: Eliyah Lakakeny
Country: Kenya
Birthday: February 16, 2006
Lives With: Mother [sometimes employed as a farmer]
Chores: caring for animals
For Fun: playing ball games
Grade: kindergarten
This kid is just the cutest thing. He's wearing colourful clothes and is missing his two bottom middle teeth at the moment... And looks absolutely terrified of the camera... Haha!

Name: Kalembe Mirembe Kisajye
Country: Uganda
Birthday: April 26, 2006
Lives With: Father [sometimes employed as a farmer] and Mother [sometimes employed as a farmer]
Chores: teaching others [I thought that that is SO cute! :P], buying or selling in the market [Remember, she's only 5!], and caring for animals 
For Fun: singing, telling stories and playing house
Grade: kindergaten
Kalembe definitely dressed up for the occasion of photo day. She looks real cute with her bald head and her purple flowery dress. :) A little shy, kind of sad, innocent little eyes just say, "Sponsor me!" ;)

Name: Ishimwe Honorine
Country: Rwanda
Birthday: December 1, 2003
Lives With: Mother [sometimes employed as a farmer]
Chores: cleaning
For Fun: hide-and-seek and playing group games
Grade: primary school
I'm gonna say it up front: She looks sad. But if I lost my daddy I wouldn't smile for the picture either... Help turn the frown upside down? Pleeeeease? :)

Name: Fikadu Urgessa
Country: Ethiopia
Birthday: May 6, 2006
Lives With: Father [sometimes employed] and Mother [maintains the home]
Chores: running errands [Honestly! I barely run errands and I'm 14! He's 5!]
For Fun: soccer
Grade: not yet in school
His desperate eyes say that him and his 7 [yes, that's right, seven!] siblings need us... Will you answer that need???

Four kids that need hope, help, compassion, love, peace, joy, faith, JESUS. And right now, those things can come in the form of YOU. If you want, email me and my mom at compassion@mamaof2greatkids.ca to sponsor one of these darlings. 

Check back tomorrow for those kids from Masbate... They're just as precious! ;)


  1. I want to SO bad! I wish I could sponsor another sweet child... I know God will provide.. I am considering it please please please pray for me and this choice!


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