Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bro!

We've both grown since that picture on the right. 

Just a bit.

I remember when my mom was pregnant with my brother, I sat on her lap and felt a small subtle bump on my back. Then another. And another.

"Mom!" I said, "I think the baby's kicking me!" 

I was so excited...

Little did I know he would continue kicking me all throughout our childhood... And I would not be excited about it anymore. ;)

But I love him anyways.

Because my life would not be my life without my little baby brother. 

I would laugh way less. And be annoyed way less. And have fun way less. And know way less about world news and science and robots. 

I would never get beat in math contests and HORSE. I would never play with LEGO or watch Star Wars - The Clone Wars. I would never watch Looney Tunes or hear Looney Tunes, Veggie Tales, and animal imitations everyday. 

My life would just have a big empty hole in it without my little bro.

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother. I love you. A lot. <3


  1. Happy Birthday to your brother! Love the pics too!

    All for Him,


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