Monday, August 1, 2011

Totally Botched on my Promise. . . :P

Like, a week ago I promised pictures... Sorry! :$ Here you go, our trip so far: :)

Taal Volcano.

NBA All-Star Team (Kobe, Rose, Durant, Fisher, Paul, etc.) vs. Philippine National Team. NBA-ers won... :) This pic is of Durant shooting, and Kobe (#24) going for the rebound. :)

At the Compassion International office in Manila. Let me tell you, impressive. They run the Compassion program like a very well oiled machine. From picking churches to partner with, to getting letters to kids, to organizing Advocate Tours and Sponsor Visits... It's pretty good. They're way awesome.

Justin, who lives in Pasig City, just outside of Manila. My cousin has a store there, and he knows Justin. He's a street kid. I guess he just gave a name and face to "street kid" for me. My cousin helps him out a bit. :)

Basketball again! Way better seats this time. Basically court side, for PHP500 which is about $10. We were watching PBA, which is basically the NBA of the Philippines. I was like, WHAAAT? And, it was for two games! LOL... :) We only payed attention to the second game though: My dad's fave team from his childhood, Ginebra, was playing!!! It was a heart attack and very good game, but Ginebra lost. :(

Then we flew to Masbate, where we would meet Florianlyn!!! We were greeted by these accommodations. :P As you can see, my lil bro is swatting those ever-present mosquitoes [or something way bigger... :S] away. And then we went inside and found the lizards. No joke. Like, legit.

But, the beach at the resort was beautiful!

And then we met her. She came to the resort where we spent the morning talking with her, her mom, and her tutor. Then we visited the project and church, and then her house, which this is a picture of. She's the one behind the little girl in red. The girl in red is her sister, Cerelyn. They have another sister, in their mom's arms, Ashlyn. :) I'm gonna post a full post on the visit after this one... :)

And these are the ever present tikis a.k.a. lizards in the Philippines. Then there's the tokus a.k.a. geckos. I've only seen one... In my grandparents' kitchen. :$ Ew. I'm getting slightly used to them though... :P They don't go on the floor, which is good. Oh, and my grandpa has pet snakes... :/ Oh, and there's the stray and really annoying dogs, and the chickens, and goats and... It goes on and on.

There you have it! My trip so far, and I will post about the visit right after this goes up! :) Thanks for reading! <3

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