Saturday, July 23, 2011

2 Planes, 27 Hours, 1 Confusing Movie and 5 Secrity Checks Later. . .

. . .We are now in the Philippines! :)

And let me tell you, this jet-lag and gaining 12 hours stuff is confusing! ;P Conversation between my parents and I [Please note: This was after 15 hours in a plane, feeling sick, tired and jet-lagged. And legit, I was kidding 99% of the time. I'm not actually this dumb. :P]:

*At Hong Kong Airport, waiting for our layover flight to Manila, 9:30PM, Friday*

Parents: [Something, Something, Something...] Friday.
Me: What?! Today's Friday?!
Mom: Um, Yes.
Me: But we left our house on Thursday. So now it's tomorrow?
Mom: Huh?
Me: We've been traveling for like [counts on fingers] 30 hours?
Dad: No, 18.
Me: But we left at 3:30PM on Thursday, and now it's 9:30PM on Friday, so "technically" we traveled for 30. I know we travelled for 18.
Mom: That doesn't make sense.
Me: It's Friday.
Dad: Yes.
Me: So, tomorrow's Saturday.
Dad [Sarcastically]: Noooo... Thursday. The days go backwards in this hemisphere.
Me: -__- But Rebecca Black said that after Friday... It's Saturday.
Parents: -__-

Oh, and "SALT"? Most confusing movie ever. [Although I haven't seen Inception. :P]

That was just getting to the Philippines! :P Our first day was actually pretty exciting. First of all, the driving is insane here. There's no suck thing as "lanes" or "signaling" or "speed limit." :P And, seat belts aren't required. So, because of jet-lag, I decided to take a nap in the car and was told to just go to the back seat and lie down across the 3 seats. Moving car. No seat belts. :P LOL... And honestly, this is perfectly legal here in the Philippines.

We drove to Taal volcano, about an hour and a half away from Manila. It is sooooo pretty. I wish I could upload pictures for you, bit the internet is slow. :( I'll try again tomorrow. Taal volcano is in the middle of a lake, and all around the lake is mountains. On top of the mountain is a city called Tagaytay. We drove up there on the scariest road ever... :P It was too small for too cars, but cars were allowed to go both up and down, and it was under construction! Half way up, we just decided to go back down and go on a different road up. It was waaaay better. :P We're alive, and all is good. :P

That was the bulk of my day. I promise to try and get pix up tomorrow, but no guarantees. :P Oh, and WHAT?! Tomorrow, I'm going to see Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and a bunch of other NBA-ers play against the Filipino National Team!!! So excited! :D

Thanks for reading! :)

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