Monday, May 9, 2011

Whoa! Uhhh... Where did the second round go?

So, it seems that I kinda missed the second round...? What?!?! I was busy, but it's also going by real fast...

The East:
Washington-Tampa Bay: Let's just go with "Alex Ovechkin is playing for Russia at worlds, and he doesn't want to be yet." Caps get the upset broom from Tampa!
Philedephia-Boston: Upset sweep again! I was crying after this one, for sure. It was sad. Not much to say about these east series, they were over before you could even say "second round."
The West:
San Jose-Detroit: Now, the west has stuff to talk about! Detroit was down 3-0, just like last year, then 3-1, just like last year, then 3-2, not like last year. Can they pull off the "History Will be Made" moment? Maybe. Nick Lindsrtom isn't quite ready for the last game yet. I even think he'll come back next year.
Vancouver-Nashville: C'mon Carrie!!! Wait... Nashville's down 3-2 right now, fighting off elimination for the 2nd time in the series tonight. They're down 2-0 as I'm writing this, but they just might force game seven. You never know, nowadays.

The East:
Chicago-Atlanta: The NBA has slightly more to talk about... So my dad still has his money on an Atlanta-Memphis final. That's not looking too far-fetched right now... This series is tied 2-2 just as DRose gets his MVP.
Miami-Boston: You all know where I stand on this one. I'm so biased I don't even think I'm allowed to comment. I'll just say one thing: Rajon Rondo, that was nasty. Ew. And then he goes back into the game and dunks. Like, really? I have a newfound respect for the guy. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Dislocated elbow. Pops it back in, plays again. 'Nuff said.)
The West:
Los Angeles-Dallas: WAAAAAH! :( Kobe, Phil, WHAT HAPPENED??!! :( I have no excuse for my Lakers... That was terrible.
Oklahoma City-Memphis: I'll tell ya, Memphis is leading. I personally wanna see them finish this Cinderella fairy tale, so GO GRIZZLIES!!! :)

So as you can see, this round is going fast, out of all eight series there's 3 sweeps and 2 that could end in the next 2 days... Thanks for reading! :)

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