Monday, May 9, 2011

1000 gifts!

202. A wonderful mommy.
203. Capri's! :D
204. Surprise first place finish at math contest with my team.
205. A Christian Prime Minister.
206. A free country, democracy. (Even if I can't vote... yet.)
207. Successful honour band concert.
208. A not-as-successful school band concert... but still fun. ;)
209. Arnica gel. If you haven't heard about it, google it, or something, 'cuz it work miracles on injuries...
210. Got accepted to be a part of a Compassion trip with my new youth group!! :)
211. Reading everyone else's blogs.
212. T-shirt... With no hoodie! :D
213. Playing NHL2k11 with my little bro.
214. Pizza.
215. Humour.
216. A really sweet picture book I spotted at the school library. Haha. :P
217. Doing makeup for the school play. It's seriously sweet getting to paint your Phys-Ed teachers face like Natalie Portman/Black Swan... LOL! (Best Part: He didn't take it off and drove home like that!!! Imagine if he got pulled over?! He didn't though, haha.)
218. Track and Field!!! (Well, you could take the "track" part out... lol.)
219. Re-reading books.

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