Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back to the Manger

It's exactly 7 days 'til Christmas - and I'm about to do something crazy.

Seven straight days of Christmas Creative Writing - a 7-day journey to the manger through creative words. 

Seven pieces to lead us straight to Christmas. Maybe you'll join me and read along here. :)

Merry Christmas!


Day One: Back to the Manger

In a shepherds’ field near Bethlehem; 10 years after the birth of Christ.

“Do you remember it, Pascal?”

This shepherd’s eyes dance as he nudges his friend, careful to keep at least one sparkling eye on his flock.

“The sky just ripped open. The angels. The symphony of it all. I was terrified. And you,” A spurt of laughter consumes the jovial shepherd, “You looked as if you’d seen a ghost!” His laughter continues.

“Glory to God in the heavens! And peace on earth!

Do you remember?”


Pascal’s face is stone. He shifts his staff from one hand to the other and turns bored eyes to his merry companion. “Keep your eyes on the sheep, Martin. We can’t afford to lose another one.”

“Ohhhh.” Martin’s jovial mood doesn’t falter as he waves last week’s incident off. “I found the little lamb, didn’t I?” He tosses a grin at Pascal, but it’s not returned.


“Ok, Pascal, what is it? What’s the matter with you, you don’t remember?”

Eventually, Pascal heaves a heavy sigh. “Ten years, Martin. Ten years. So what if I don’t remember?”

His look drills deep into his friend’s eyes. “Sometimes I think it was all a dream. Crazy shepherds we were, who made something up to brighten the long, dreary days.

‘A Saviour! A Messiah!’ - really, Martin? Really? It’s been ten years; have we heard of any saving feats of this so-called King?”

Martin looks back in stunned silence.

“I didn’t think so.”

After a slight pause, Martin grasps the shoulder of his friend. “Pascal! I know just what you need.”

The energetic one of the two jumps to his feet and pulls the other with him.

“Martin -”

“Oh - calm down. The sheep will be fine for a few hours. I’ll tell Jeffery to keep an eye out when we walk by.”

“Jeffery’s over half a field away!” Pascal protests. 

But there’s no stopping Martin now. The solemn shepherd reluctantly follows his enthusiastic counterpart.

Over a few hills and towards town, and Pascal knows where his friend is taking him.

And suddenly they’re right there - in front of the stable.

Life has resumed as normal - much has changed, and ten years’ time has taken it’s toll.

Pascal realizes that business has gone on as planned here in this stable, unrelenting and unaware of the holy event that took place between these walls.

“Oh.” Pascal’s face softens to quiet reverence.

The manger is still the same one. Same place.

Somehow, it’s stood the test of time, perhaps the only nod to acknowledgment of the holy birth.

O Holy Night.

And he can see it all - the faithful girl and her courageous husabnd. The animals, the hay, the bright star.

And the baby.

The Saviour.

And he knows they didn’t just make it up.

In fact, perhaps he can even believe it again -

Believe Him again.

He whispers it to Martin, himself and that baby -

“I remember.”

In this week coming up on Christmas, may you find your way back to the manger - no matter how long it’s been - to remember how Love came down for you.

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