Monday, November 25, 2013

A Quiet Reminder for Your Monday Morning

I only know as much of their stories as I can piece together from my seat in the corner, but the more I listen and watch this odd group, the more I realize they do have someplace to be. 
It’s here, at this coffee shop. 
This is their place to be. 
- Emily P. Freeman  

I read this and it really could be that revolutionarily simple.

In a million-mile-an-hour world, where we're always thinking of the next kajillion things to do before bed, maybe our place to be is just in the coffee shop.

Maybe "where you need to be right now" is right where you are.

"What you need to be doing right now" is what you're doing right this very second.

"Who you need to be" is exactly who you are - beloved.

Be. loved.

That's all.

Don't think about what you need to be doing next, where you need to be, who you wish you were - be here. Right here. 

Where. you. are.

Because in all this cosmos the Creator of it all loves you deeply. passionately. unconditionally. right where you are.

So really seriously - no matter what - make sure you stop at the coffee shop regularly to tell your stories and listen to others'.

In the end, the only thing you need to be doing right now?

Be loved by the Creator of the universe.

The rest flows out of that.


  1. So needed this! Thank you! You are such a blessing!


    1. ah - you're welcome. something i needed to hear too. i wrote it on friday and on monday when it went up it's like i wrote it for myself! haha. :)


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