Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Story of Rebecca the Smiley Girl From Kenya

Her picture would be right here, but I didn't sponsor her.

All of you who love a good God-thing story, sit back and enjoy. ;)

I was on Compassion Canada's website late last week, looking for a child to sponsor [More on that in the future, maybe? That's a God-thing for another day. :)].

And 5-year-old Rebecca from Kenya with the huge smile and bright green shirt lit up my computer screen.

And I thought this might be the girl.

But you know how God says wait and you're not sure why?

It's not like I heard a voice or anything, but something wasn't quite right yet.

So I waited.

And I said I'd sponsor her in the evening on my birthday if she was still on the website. That would be my confirmation. There's no way this totally adorable face would last unsponsored long, and if she lasted the weekend it'd be a miracle just for me.

Little did I know God had a better miracle in store.

So, my birthday rolled around and I'll admit this girl was a little impatient and checked in the afternoon to see if Rebecca was still there.

And she wasn't.

And I smiled, knowing that God had a perfect match for Rebecca.

I was totally stoked that Rebecca was sponsored, knowing God had a super great & loving sponsor for her that He perfectly prepared for the job.

So, that evening, I was catching up with one of my dearest, most bestest friends at my birthday party, and I couldn't believe the words that came out of her mouth.

"Guess what I did today? I sponsored a girl from Kenya!"

Me: ohmigosh "With Compassion?"

Her: "Yes!"

I was already laughing.

I said, "Her name's Rebecca, she has the hugest smile, she's 5 years old and she's wearing a green shirt."

And the look on my friend's face was priceless!

Yes, my wonderful friend is Rebecca's sponsor!!!

And this is why it's perfect: This dear sister of mine calls Kenya her second home. She travelled and served there last summer and absolutely nobody I know would be better suited to sponsor Rebecca. 

Yes, I am so. happy. that I can be absolutely assured that the Kenyan girl who lit up my computer screen and heart all weekend has the most perfect sponsor.

God does these crazy God-things, and I think I just need to stop being surprised, but I all too often forget how cool God is.

And that's the story of Rebecca the Smiley Girl from Kenya, which has had me just as smiley all week long. :)


Sponsor a Child From Kenya


  1. "Our God is an awesome God..." Right? Totally right. I need to hear those stories often - they keep me in touch with God-reality. Thanks so much for sharing sista!

    1. amen, girl! no problem - i couldn't help but share how awesome God is! [i like to brag about my God. ;)]

  2. Such a great story! I like to call it a Godincidence :-)

    1. haha - i like that! thanks for stopping by, darryl! :)

  3. Amazing! Love it. Wow. I love when God does this! You are awesome. I am so happy you shared. Going to share it too!


    1. i know - God is too great! :) thanks for sharing it, teena!

  4. oh my! That is so crazily awesome!

    1. isn't it? :) thanks for coming by today, emily! :)

    2. My pleasure! I love your blog- I am a regular here but I guess I never have commented before.... haha.

    3. haha, thank you! well, glad to "meet" you! :)

  5. Amazing! I love how you heard Him and "waited" with such faith, and great expectation. I am inspired by you, Alyssa! Keep going, friend...

  6. How did I totally miss this post?! That is soo cool!!! It reminds me of the times when I have prayed over children on Compassion's site, that they would get great sponsors, and then I find out someone I know in the blogging world sponsors them (like you!) :)



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