Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Letter From Tanzania!

Dear Alyssa,
Happyness greets you in the name of the Lord Jesus. Her family and herself are doing well and hopes the same on your side. She adds that she was glad to write this note to you. She thanks you for your nice photo and letter that you sent her. ... She likes to hear that you like math and music. She also likes counting and drawing. She adds that Tanzania is beautiful with the highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, valleys, rivers and national parks with historical sites. She wanted to know if you have ever heard about Mount Kilimanjaro. {I have now! ;)} She adds that the main languages in Tanzania are Kiswahili and English. She is interested to know if you go to school during the time of snow? ... She loves you and prays for you!

I was really stoked. :D 

Today, many kids from EGAT Picha Ya Ndege Student Centre [the centre Happyness attends] are waiting for a sponsor like you on www.compassion.com. Take a look: {warning: they are irresistibly cute!} 

Will you pretty please sponsor one of these kids? If you're not American, you can call Compassion and they'll transfer Fatuma, Devota, Happiness or Naima to your country. And if Tanzania isn't calling your name, then take a look at some other kids from other countries. I promise it'll only take a few minutes for one of these precious kids to steal your heart!

Mount Kilimanjaro
Bucket List: Go there! (After meeting Happyness, of course!) :)

The Difference is Jesus.♥

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