Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 More Sleeps...

...til Wilmington! :)

I am beyond excited!!!
But before I tell you about how excited I am:

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me financially or in prayer! This doesn't happen without you! THANK YOU! ♥

And a few prayer requests for the week:
  - Safety on the road as well as while we’re there, that we would stay healthy and that all the technical stuff would go well [crossing the border, directions, etc.].
  - That we would really work well together as a team.
  - That God would really prepare our hearts and keep us humble and flexible so that we can serve without distraction.
  - Most importantly, that we will really be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus and that the community in Wilmington would really see Jesus’ love and hope though us.

Thanks so much in advance for you prayers! :)

Anyways, something I've been thinking quite a bit about these past few days is something we talked about over training weekend: "Serving not Saving."

As on any compassion trip, we shouldn't think that we're "saving" anyone. I'm not saying people don't need saving, but I'm saying we're not doing it. 

We're not ever capable of "saving", because we all need saving. Everyday.

Jesus saved me once, but everyday, although I try not to, I somehow fall again, and he comes and picks me up. Again.

So we're going to humbly serve. Jesus will do the saving and he should and will get the glory.

We're also not bringing Jesus into Wilmington this week. No, he's already there. We're just going to help people open their eyes so that they can see Him.

I know I'll see hopelessness this week. I know I'll see pain. 

But I know that in all that I'll uncover hope and healing.

Because there is always hope.


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