Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Must Be Something More

Hey so...

20 more days! :)

I love this song. Taylor Swift isn't ashamed to put Jesus' name in her songs and acknowledge him as the reason for the season and for her life. :) Love it.

And speaking of famous people not ashamed of their relationship with Christ... Not to get on the Tim Tebow bandwagon or anything, but you know, he's kinda cool. ;) What makes him even cooler is that he's born in the Philippines, the same place that Rochelle and Florianlyn live, the same place my parents were born and the same place that stole my heart this summer! :) And what's even COOLER, is that The Tim Tebow Foundation does a lot of work with orphans in the Philippines and is opening a children's hospital that'll be helping kids who can't afford it - and need's God's love. :) Sweetness.

Have a great Monday!

Mary said, "My soul gives glory to the Lord. My spirit delights in God my Savior. He has taken note of me even though I am not important. From now on all people will call me blessed." -Luke 1:46-48


  1. Oooh, thanks for sharing that song! I've never heard it before!

  2. Oh Wow!!!! I did not know Tim Tebow was born on the Philippines. How cool! Love the song too!!


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