Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October's Here, and That Means...

Hockey season!!! :D

And my Leafs are 2 wins, 0 losses! :)

Anyways, game one was pretty. Two - Nothing shutout [Did I mention it was against the Habs?! :D], all's good. [WE'RE GONNA WIN THE STANLEY CUP!]

And then game two against the Sens, after 40 minutes, we we're like, "Four - Nothing?! Yeah, we're DEFINITELY winning the cup now! ;D" and "Looks like another shutout for Reims!"

Well, in chinese we call that "kim tswee" AKA "golden mouth" AKA "Wow, thanks for jinxing that, man! -.-"


Start of the first.


Then 5-1 [We're safe now. Not.].

5-2. but that's okay, cuz 3 goals is still a good lead. [But we're all secretly thinking... It's the Leafs. And the Sens. You never know.]

Then 5-3, then 8 seconds later 5-4. Cue freak out.

Then good ol' Phil Kessel scores his third of the night. 6-4. [I admit, I was thinking we got it in the bag.]

25 seconds later it goes 6-5. Cue freak out, take two.

Longest 114 seconds of hockey ever. :P

Oh, boy. But like they say: "A win's a win, 2 points is 2 points."

Yeah, but at the cost of a heart attack? Hmmm.

Anyways. I'm gonna do what no one ever really does one week in because they long for accuracy: I'm just gonna straight up predict the playoff teams right now. This is gonna be the farthest thing from accurate, and probably kinda biased, just a warning. ;) I just wanna see how close I get come April. Here it goes:

1 Pittsburgh
2 Boston
3 Washington
4 Philadelphia
5 Buffalo
6 Montreal
7 Toronto
8 Winnipeg
Just missed it: Carolina, NY Rangers and Tampa

1 Vancouver
2 Detroit
3 San Jose
4 Nashville
5 Chicago
6 Dallas
7 Anaheim
8 Calgary
Just missed it: Minnesota and Pheonix

Yeah, I put the Habs over my Leafs. Cuz I'm trying to be a BIT realistic here, cuz even I'll admit, the Habs are better ON PAPER. And Winnipeg making it? YES. I'm a shameless optimist. :P Vancouver winning the West, sure why not? Calgary making it, obvi! ;) Oh, and Toronto playing Boston isn't the BEST thing that ever happened, but whatever. Anything is possible in Leafsnation. :D [To see the ACTUAL standings, click here.]

Anyways, we shall see how this holds up against the final April standings.

And so starts the NHL season. Hopefully the NBA season starts but... stupid lockout. :( Kobe's playing in Italy!! :( LOL. Anyways, don't expect much sports stuff from me during the regular season... Just an exciting game or two here or there. :) Y'all know playoffs is the best time of year! [Good thing I'll be in what I'm calling my "party sem" by then. ;) [Don't worry, not actually partying. It's just reaaaaallly light. 'Specially compered to this one.]]

I've rambled on long enough - thanks for reading, guys! :) <3

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