Sunday, July 3, 2011

One Week!

One week today, I'll be going crazy doing last minute planning for a full week of camp for kids coming from low-income families in our city. And I couldn't be more excited!!!

I can wait to meet these kids, show them love, and just hang out with them. It's gonna be so awesome.

Unfortunately, I probably won't have internet access throughout the week, so no blog updates! :( [I don't even get my iPod! :O LOL.]

Please keep me and the team in your prayers for the next two weeks, and please pray for the kids that will be coming to the camp: that they would see God's love and hope. Please pray for safety and a smoothly-run week and that God would just work through us. Thanks so much! <3


  1. I had SO SO SO much fun with a camp like that in my city. Our church was only hosting for a week, but me and my friends loved it so much we are fixing to start our 3rd week! It will be a great experience. I'll be praying for you, girlfriend!

  2. thanks you! (: <3 praying for ur mozambique trip too!


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