Wednesday, July 20, 2011


^That's my facial expression right now.

I'm very happy to tell you guys that Jhon is now sponsored!!! :D

We get to tell him that he has a sponsor when we visit him!!! YAY!!! :D

Beyond excited that his life is now changed forever.

He's been waiting for a year, and finally, God matched him up to his sponsor, and let me tell you, him and his sponsor match-up in a very personal and special way - a way ONLY God could plan. :)

So, now I reallllly wanna see this little boy sponsored:

He's been waiting for a year too, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna be able to also tell him that he's been sponsored!!!

So, are you ready to make a Jesus-diference? Yes? Then PLEASE don't wait another minute! :) You can contact me/my mom at!

"The difference between hope and hopelessness is more that education, healthcare and social programs. The difference is Jesus."

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