Sunday, May 1, 2011

NBA: Round One Wrap, Round Two Preview

Upsets, nervous superstars, only one sweep when there should've been three or four... boy was this one exciting! :D Both Memphis and Atlanta pull off the upsets, Memphis being the more impressive of the two, beating out the team with the best record of the regular season. Dwight Howard went OFF against Atlanta, to no avail, probably those three point shooters to blame. Oh yeah, and Turk. No, Orlando, us Canadians do not want him back in TO. New Orleans had Kobe squirming a bit, but Lakers still pull it off it 6 games. Dallas beats Portland 4-2, no big upset there. Miami, Chicago and Oklahoma City would all take down their respective opponents 4-1, and the only team to sweep would be the Boston Celtics the true big three, with a nice addition to that 3 with a fourth: Rajon Rondo.

Round Two is fast approaching so here it goes...

The West:
Oklahoma City-Memphis: Memphis, what a fairy tale, eh? Your the eighth seed and still standing!!! This is a true test of how much you want it, because I'm pretty sure Kevin Durant really wants it too, and the Durantula is eating anyone in his way. OKC, 4-2.
Los Angeles-Dallas: So apparently, Dallas almost beat LA last year... But then LA won the championship. I wouldn't really mind repeating history... LA, 4-3.

The East:
Chicago-Atlanta: Here's a good one! Can Atlanta continue their sudden success in the playoffs or will D.Rose be too much for them? 'Cuz have you seen this dude's highlights? Wow. Chicago, 4-2
Miami-Boston: The best for last. LeBron called Boston his "Lunch" in an interview the other day. I think I'd be totally funny if the big 4 showed up to game 1 dressed-up as sandwiches and other parts of a lunch... :P I have a feeling LeBron's still gonna be "hungry" (Get it? Yeah, I hear you groaning...) for a championship... and his "lunch"... after this one. Boston, 4-3.

There you have it. It's gonna be an exciting one, so don't miss it! :)

Thanks for reading!

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