Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yes, I'm a Girl, Yes, I've Memorized the NBA and NHL's Standings.

Yes, it's true.
Chicago's first.
Miami second. (but not for long I hope.)
Boston's third.
Washington, Philadelphia and Boston.
No, I did not click onto or for either of those. Off the top of my head. Now before you stop reading because you've never seen a girl who can do that, and you think I'm just freaky, I promise I don't know whose fourth. At least in the NBA. :P
I know pro-sports and can keep up in a sports convo with all the boys. It comes in handy, once in awhile. :P This is why you may find my blog lacking anything meaningful or deep in the next few weeks: PLAYOFFS, BABY!
Yes, that's right, it's playoff season for both sports that I follow, hockey and basketball. So any of my sports-fan readers: read on to find my opinion. Non-sports-fans: enter at your own risk. ;)

Let's start with the NHL, the NBA, later. (When their playoffs actually start.)
Anyways, 16 teams will quickly turn to eight in a little less than two and a half weeks. Who will those eight teams be? Here's my picks:

Washington-New York: To be honest, I could not care less about this series. I strongly dislike the Caps, and New York is in my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs' playoff spot. To predict? I think It'd just be funny if Washington and Ovechkin got kicked out in the first round. Again. New York, 4-3.
Pilly-Buffalo: I sat and watched until the bitter end last season when Patrick Kane (Ughh) scored that "I-don't-know-what-just-happened" goal on Philly's fairy-tale goalie Micheal Leighton. I cried along with my Flyers-fan bro. Bottom line: let's go Philly!! Philadelphia, 4-1.
Boston-Montreal: I'm a Leafs' fan. Need I say more? Boston, 4-0.
Pittsburgh-Tampa: For those of you who know me personally, you know for me it's Leafs #1, then Penguins. Penguins, 4-2
Vancouver-Chicago: It breaks my Canadian-girl heart, but a Canadian team will not win the Cup, again, this year. Because one Canadian team is the Habs, the other won the "jinxed" President's Trophy, then are playing the defending champs in round one. Chicago, 4-3.
San Jose-L.A.: Wait, what? There's hockey in California? This used to be a winter sport... Well, more Canadians on San Jose, I think. San Jose, 4-2.
Detroit-Pheonix: Another "I don't really know or care." But I'll predict it anyway. Detroit, 4-2
Anaheim-Nashville: More hockey in Cali!!! I don't even really know about this one either... (As you can see, none of my western conference teams made it in...) Not sure, but it's gonna go to game 7.

For continued coverage of the NBA and NHL playoffs, come here! ;) Thanks for reading!

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