Thursday, April 28, 2011

NHL: Round One Wrap, Round Two Preview

Round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is over, and what an exciting one it was! 4 game 7's, 2 game 6's, an almost comeback from 3-0, and lots of excitement. Detroit was the only team to sweep, while Washington came close with a 4-1 win. Nashville and San Jose would both win 4-2. Then came the game sevens... I love game sevens, because all the rest of the series doesn't matter anymore, it all comes down to the one game, do-or-die. ...Draaaaaaama! :P Game seven #1: Philly-Buffalo. Buffalo came one game short from pulling off the major upset, but nope. Philly takes it 5-2. Game seven #2: The majorly dramatic one where Chicago woke up somewhere between game 3 and 4, but the rest didn't last them all the way to win game seven. They sold their tickets though, so all's good. ;) Vancouver wins game seven in OT, 2-1. Game seven #3: I was going absolutely crazy for OT of this one, and when Boston scored, or rather I found out Boston scored (switching between The Voice and Hockey...) I went nuts!!! LOL. It was a good one, and as much as I dislike him, I admit PK Subban's goal was legit. Game seven #4: :'( Pittsburgh lost, drowning out my happiness for Boston winning. :( Sad stuff. It was an exciting round one!

Now for round two...

The West:
Vancouver-Nashville: This always happens to me. The teams I'm cheering for play each other!!! Like seriously?! Now I have to pick one. So, Team Canada or Team Carrie Underwood? ACK! Can't decide!!! This one's really the battle of the Vezina Trophy nominees: Roberto Luongo vs. Pekka Rinne. The difference with the two teams though, is the offence. The 'Nucks definetley have the edge there. I'm going Vancouver, 4-2.
San Jose-Detroit: The playoff underachievers vs. the playoff overachievers. San Jose the playoff chokes vs. Detroit the "the-playoffs-are-easy" winners. I'm thinking Detroit, 4-3.

The East:
Washington-Tampa Bay: So, Washington I already disliked. Tampa just kicked out my Pens... I'm not really likin' this series. *Sigh...* I guess personal opinion can't really affect this one, 'cuz I don't really care, so this is probably gonna end up being the most reasonable prediction? Washington, 4-2.
Philadelphia-Boston: The teams I'm cherring for play each other AGAIN!!! This one's gonna be a good one, because we all remember last year's Philly-Boston series. But as Zdeno Chara said, last year is last year, and gotta put that behind us and look at this like a new season, 'cuz it is. But you can't help but think about last year. Philly, 4-3.

It's bound to be an exciting one, starting tonight with the 'Nucks and Preds! Thanks for reading! :)

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