Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Five Loaves, Two Fish

My family is practicing Lent for the first time this year. We are "fasting" from eating out. We are also reading a devo by Ann Voskamp. One point that she made really struck me this past week, and I'd like to share.
You might know the story in the Bible of Jesus feeding 5000. Basically, he's preaching, and all these people are listening to him around dinnertime. So all his disciples go up to him and are like: "Send these people home so they can eat." And Jesus goes: "YOU feed them." And then they're like: "But all we have is this boy's food, two fish and five loaves of bread." Jesus tells them to bring it over. He blesses the food, and they start to hand out the food. There are FIVE THOUSAND men, so not including the women and children, there. They all eat until they're full like an all-you-can-eat. And there's still twelve baskets of leftovers: one for each of the disciples to carry. Jesus' way of saying "I TOLD you there was enough food."
We should want to be like the 5 loaves and 2 fish. Seriously. We should want Jesus to "break" us into that many pieces so that we can make a huge difference for him. We should want Jesus to take us, the little that we are, and use his power to enable us to "feed" thousands. We should want to be like the 5 loaves and 2 fish.
I want to, do you?

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  1. Thanks for this reminder. Sometimes we need to see things from Jesus's point of view to realise that He has given us more than enough to do the things He has planned for us.


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