Monday, April 25, 2011

Continued Playoff Coverage... ;)

Three guesses: What am I doing right now?
You only needed one.
But this post isn't NHL, it's NBA's turn, my delayed "One Week In" post for the NBA playoffs. So without further-ado...

The East:
Chicago-Indiana (My prediction - Chicago, 4-0): The only surprise here is that Indy actually won one. A bit scary for the Bulls going forward though: D.Rose - INJURED!!! This could be BAD going on for them, but hopefully he'll be out of this walking cast soon. I don't really see Indy coming back from 3-1.
Miami-Philidelphia (Miami, 4-1): I was actually SO HAPPY when Philly won yesterday! LOL. You all already know my stand on Miami. Though it's unlikely that Philly will come back from 3-1, it would be funny. Hilarious. That's all I'm gonna say on that one... :P
Boston-New York (Not sure, game 6 or 7): This one ended before I could even say anything about it! Boston pulls out the brooms and sweeps New York away! My prediction was slightly off...
Orlando-Atlanta (Orlando, 4-2): Sniff, sniff, sniff. Atlanta is up 3-1?!?! What?!?! NOOOOOO! Ah, well, Orlando's not called "the Magic" for nothing... But seriously, Orlando, that magic can't come any sooner.

The West:
San Antonio-Memphis (San Antonio, 4-0): Wrong again, me! Memphis is leading this one 2-1!!! I really don't know about this one... I'm starting to doubt the team with the best record of the regular season... But like they say, the playoffs is a fresh start, the regular season is G-O-N-E! So, you decide, will San Antonio come back or is Memphis set for the upset?
Los Angeles-New Orleans (Los Angeles, 4-1): LA, I know everything's a huge show where you come from, but this show you're putting on is just making me nervous. JUST WIN ALREADY!!! 2-2 is scary. This is a best of three now, people, one to watch.
Dallas-Portland (Dallas, 4-3): Also tied 2-2, and I didn't even know that before told me... :P Not really following this one, LOL.
Oklahoma City-Denver (Denver, 4-3): This is a huge disappointment of what should've been an exciting series. OKC is getting ready to sweep Denver, should they come up with the win tonight. Yikes. Kevin Durant was just too much for the Nuggets.

My dad's comment: "It's gonna be a finals nightmare! The Memphis Grizzlies vs. the Atlanta Hawks for the championship!" Well, it's looking something like that right now... :P

Quick comment on Hockey: Vancouver-Chicago: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking. Out. Vancouver's up 3-0 and you blink. And then it's 3-3. Game seven set for tomorrow, and OHHH BOY! It's gonna be a good one. Did I jinx it with my predictions?!?! (See previous predictions.) I hope not. This Canadian girl wants Vancouver!!!! Please, please, please.... :S It's gonna be a good one tomorrow night. Don't miss it. (Although I'll probably have to, since it's set for 10PM, and there IS school on Wednesday (School? What's school? LOL, I had a good long weekend. :P) so, watch it for me if you can!) Go 'Nucks Go!!!

Thanks for reading!

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